Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

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Greg Guerrero, AIA
Gregory G Guerrero, Architect

California Architect located in the South Bay area of greater Los Angeles.

13782 Hawthorne Blvd
Principal Architect
Studio One Eleven

Based in downtown Long Beach, California, Studio One Eleven is an integrated practice of architecture, landscape, and urban design dedicated to creating more vibrant communities. From master plans to individual buildings, each endeavor aims at making a more humane and sustainable urban whole.

We believe that the purpose of architecture is the making of the City. From the geography of the region to the disposition of blocks and buildings, every urban component has an interdependent relationship with all others. We view every project as an opportunity to physically enhance the urban context that sustains it.

In contrast to an 'architecture of time', ours is an 'architecture of place'. Our designs are not predicated by a singular language, but are inspired through the careful assessment of the history, climate, culture and context of the place where they stand. We believe that the best way to improve the future of a place is to understand its past, patterns and precedents.

111 W. Ocean Blvd
Floor 20
Long Beach
Withee Malcolm Architects

Design that makes a difference.

Led by Dan Withee and Dale Malcolm, the team at Withee Malcolm Architects share a set of values that guides the work of the firm. Hands-on practitioners, they bring their commitment, creative energy and personal integrity to every project. Today our team of dedicated professionals, working on projects throughout the West from our office in Los Angeles, approaches each assignment with the same dedication to finding the best possible architectural solution and delivering informed, responsive service. It is an attitude that has helped build long-term relationships with valued clients who return to us for multiple projects.

At Withee Malcolm we believe that design can make a difference for both clients and communities whether the assignment is a large-scale planning project encompassing hundreds of acres or the development of a single infill site. From the acquisition of entitlements to questions of program mix and feasibility to issues of image and quality of life, our team has the knowledge and experience to create value with architecture that meets the need for the program at hand.

Commitment to Quality

There is a genuine excitement about architecture at Withee Malcolm. Whether we are working on a creative design solution, technical advancement or a construction document, we make sure we can deliver the highest levels of service and satisfaction. Respect for the client and one another spurs collaboration, which, in turn, inspires a widely shared ownership and pride in our projects. It is the way we practice and has shaped a firm culture committed to quality.

2251 W. 190th Street
Mark A Cuellar, Design
Mark A Cuellar, Design

Mark A Cuellar, Design, is an award-winning, independent practice providing architecture, interior design, and construction management services for single-family residential and commercial interior projects. Work ranges from affordable bath and kitchen renovations to new construction project development and consulting.

1090 Vina Ave
Long Beach
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