Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

Summer Internship Opportunity

Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio is a boutique, award-winning architectural firm that frequently also constructs the showpiece buildings it designs. The firm offers integrated design and construction services in reinforcement of their mantra that a large part of making good design happen is controlling construction expenses and maintaining design integrity throughout the construction process. Only a limited number of projects are undertaken at a time in order to maintain responsiveness to client interactions, contractor coordination, compliance, creative vision, and facilitating an efficiency that translates into “Punctuated Design” opportunities.

UUAS is looking for two internship positions for a two month period over the summer. Internship experience will be centered around a single architectural competition entry which should provide the potential intern with valuable presentation experience in a competitive environment. Rhino 3d, Grasshopper, CNC integration, Maxwell Render, physical modeling and Revit are all part of the toolkit anticipated to be implemented. Candidates should be 3rd year or above in their architectural education and live within a short driving distance of the Long Beach area. This position is not an employment position however it is our commitment to expose the intern candidate to as much professional practice methods as possible in this limited amount of time.

We are a small, intense, and unique firm that operates as experimental studio. We welcome candidate applications who share our interests.

Location:  Long Beach, CA



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