Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

Election of the 2019 Board of Directors

Nominations were solicited and the following candidates are presented as a slate by the Nominating Committee for election by the membership at the October 4, 2018, Annual Election:

Bryan Winters, AIAhu mn+lab,+inc. – Treasurer
David Fernandez, AIA, Menemsha Solutions – Director, AIACC Rep
Alan Burks, AIA, Environ Architecture – Director
Keith Hempel, AIA, LPA Inc. – Director
Leticia Mimila, AIA, Environ Architecture – Director
Michael Bohn, AIA, Studio One Eleven – Director/Past President

Per the AIA LBSB Chapter Bylaws, the Board of Directors may consist of up to twelve (12) total members, each serving for two years unless otherwise noted, and includes the following positions:

President (succeeds the Past President director position in the subsequent year)
Vice President/President-Elect (succeeds the President in the subsequent year)
Treasurer (a two-year officer position)
Secretary (a one-year officer position)

Past President
Associate Director
Two (2) California Council Representatives (may also serve in another capacity on the Board)
Four (4) Directors

There are six (6) total positions open for nominations to the 2019 Board of Directors (refer to section 6.3 Officers and Directors of the AIA LBSB Chapter Bylaws for position information).  Candidates elected on October 4 will join the following Board members whose terms continue through 2019:

Carina Mills, AIA, SmithGroup – President and AIA California Representative
Ryan Caldera, AIA, Studio One Eleven – Vice President/President-Elect
Betzy Anaya, Assoc. AIA, c|a ARCHITECTS – Associate Director
Carol Beth Cozen, AIA, COZEN architecture + lighting – Secretary
Rick D’Amato, FAIA, LPA Inc. – Director
Nader Ghassemlou, Assoc. AIA, Objekt Studio – Director

Contact our Executive Director via email or telephone 562-989-1399 for more information on duties and time commitment in serving on the Board of Directors.

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